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The NiYA Model - Connecting Instructors to Learners and Creating Jobs

When you think of the worlds largest online learning platforms, the following brands readily come to mind - Coursera, SkillShare, Udemy, Domestika, LinkedIn Learning, Masterclass. These platforms revolutionized the way people learn by simply connecting teachers with students, universities with students, instructors with learners.
Similar to these platform, The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) in an Online and Mobile learning ecosystem that connects subject matter experts, instructors, professors, tertiary institutions of learning, organizations, professional bodies with Nigerian Youths anywhere in the world. Nigeria has some of the finest, most experienced and expert professionals you will find anywhere, across any field and many of them are looking for platforms to transfer their knowledge to the next generation. We are building the largest collection of online learning contents for Nigerian Youths.
But that is not all, NiYA will:
● Connect employers with our Youths for jobs and career opportunities● Give you access to a digital community where you interact with other learners, mentors and your instructors.● Provide the platform for you to showcase your talents and get hired for your skills ● Showcase all upcoming Youth Programmes and Funding for Youth Activities.● Give you lifetime access to resources and information for success● Reach the Youths at the grassroots through other Youth engagement programmes● And much more...
It does not matter whether you are educated or not, whether you are from the North, East, West or South. NiYA will give you the platform to acquire skills and become a successful member of society. No discrimination. NiYA was built by Nigerian Youths for the Nigerian Youth. We are the alternative platform that will cater for the skills development of the Nigerian Youth.

One Youth, Two Skills 

Our Mantra – One Youth, Two Skills, signifies our commitment to connect the dots when it comes to skills acquisition and ensuring you get the best out of your chosen career.
● A graphics designer that also understands sales, marketing and stakeholder management● A tailor that also knows book-keeping ● A Web Designer that understand how to present his work to foreigners● A Puff Puff Maker that understands packaging and presentation. ● We are sure you get the drift. With millions of Youths, the permutations and combination is endless.

- All about Job Creation

Our Knowledge Focus Areas 

The question we asked ourselves – what skills do people hire these days? If we go the freelancing platforms where Nigerian Youths showcase their skills, what are they being hired for? What do organizations look out for when hiring young people? What skills are in high demand for Young People in Nigeria? These questions guided the selection of our Categories and courses.
Our focus is on those various combination of skills you can get and start earning immediately. You can: ● Become a Freelancer earning money in Nigeria● Export your talent, earn money from abroad while working from Nigeria ● Be hired to relocate and work in any company anywhere in the world● Improve your CV and Skillset and find jobs in Nigeria ● You Start up your own small business and watch it grow into a mega enterprise
NiYA has identified over 500 Skills that our Youths can acquire and we will deliver over 1,000 courses and lessons in the coming months to cover those 500 skills. To give a sense of our thinking – NiYA will offer courses and lessons around these areas (the list below is non-exhaustive).

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Media / Creative Skills 

These are some of the most sought-after, highly paid, and easy-to-learn skills for the Youth - and exciting too. There is no limit here. 

● Graphics and Design● Music and Audio● Photography● Video Production and Editing ● 2D and 3D Animations of all Kinds● Creative Writing Skills ● Brand Management and Storytelling● Language Translation Services

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Tech Skills

These fast-moving technology skills prepare you to create value, grow your client base and earn substantial income in the world of IT. 

● Web Design● Mobile Apps Design● Artificial Intelligence Services● Cybersecurity ● Mobile Apps● Data Science and Analytics● Design Thinking for Digital Products● Cloud Computing● Selected Programming Skills for the Future● No-Code Tools to earn income● Blockchain Technology● Much more...

Vocational Skills

Vocational skills prepare you for a specific trade or occupation and can become your main source of income. We will work with certified bodies. 

● Sales Professional● Bookkeeping ● Phone Repairs● Shoe, Bags Productions● Laptop repairs● CCTV Installation● Culinary Arts ● Human Resources● Legal Assistants● Secretaries and Personal Assistance● Much more ...

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These skills propels your into the world of business - start, run and thrive. Also, you can support other businesses and get paid for such services. 

● The Full Business Startup Masterclass● Business Branding and Communications● Basic Accounting & Finance for Businesses ● Business Plan Writing ● Selling Skills● Business Startup Services ● Social Entrepreneurship: Making a Difference● Affiliate Design and Marketing● Fashion and Merchandise● Food and Confectionery ● Legal Services ● Teaching

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Digital Skills

Aside from Core Tech, Digital Skills offer you the tools and knowledge to apply technology to solve everyday needs and challenges. 

● Becoming a Social Media Influencer● Email Marketing Skills● eCommerce Skills ● Product Design ● UI / UX Design● Digital Marketing and Sales● Social Media Management● Affiliate Marketing● Copy Writing ● SEO Management


In Nigeria, there are many crafts that can be learned, to create unlimited value and wealth. Using your hands and your mind is fulfilling. 

● Fiber Arts - Knitting, Sewing, Weaving, Embroidery, Crochet etc● Pottery Making ● Candle making● Soap and Cream Making ● Confectionery - Baking, small chops ● Jewelry Making ● Bee Keeping● Drawing and Painting● Woodwork ● Much more ...

Miscellaneous 21 final

Soft Skills 

As a Youth, these skills are very essential to help you achieve your highest potential in any situation, team, or field you find yourself. 

● Emotional Intelligence● Teamwork and Leadership● Work Ethics and Professionalism ● Culture and Diversity ● Stakeholder Management● Adaptability ● Creativity and Problem Solving● Effective Communication ● Collaboration and Adaptation● Sustainability and Social Responsibility● Customer Services● So much more…

Politics and Governance

As Nigerians, we are special. We need to connect, recreate and rebuild our identity and respect in a global space to uphold the future we desire. 

● Dialogue & Civic Engagement● Patriotism and National Identity● Bring Back History (Know your Roots)● Constitution & Rule of Law● National Symbols & Heritage● Tales by Moonlight - National Stories of Inspiration● Social Innovation & Problem-Solving● Preparing for Political Participation● Diplomacy and Diversity ● Much more ...

Productivity Skills

For our Youths working in the Business or Corporate World, you can reach the peak, faster and solidly. 

● Project Management● Productivity Tools for the Workplace● Networking Skills ● Stakeholder Management & Organizational Politics● Leadership Skills● Teamwork and Collaboration● Effective Time Management● Data Analysis and Reporting● Preparing Presentations ● Business Report Writing ● Entrepreneurial Mentality ● Much more...

_ Transfer your Knowledge -

Become a NiYA Instructor


Join the evolution - let's come together and build Nigeria's largest collection of Online Courses. 

  • Tertiary institutions - Can place their short courses or get their professors to teach on NiYA.

  • Professional Bodies and Associations - Can give us instructors and contents on specific areas

  • Subject Matter Experts - Anyone with expertize in any particular field can offer their courses.

  • Content Owners - Do you have existing contents on our selected area, showcase them on NiYA.

  • Instructors and Teachers - Can give us instructors and contents on specific areas

Strategic Partners

We will be unveiling our Strategic Partners very soon. Stay tuned



Tailored Paths for Every Journey

NiYA stands as a dynamic Youth-Focused Education and Empowerment Platform poised to impact millions of youths across Nigeria. Our commitment spans holistic skill development, fostering critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities to prepare young individuals for the complexities of the modern world. Our comprehensive targets include all youths between the ages of 18 & 35 comprising:

  • Students and Non-students

  • Graduates & Non-Graduates

  • Freelancers and Startup Founders

  • Youths waiting to get jobs

  • Employees across organizations

No discrimination - this is a platform for all Youths



The Nigerian Youth Academy's Vision for 7 Million Strong

In the heart of Nigeria's transformative journey, the Nigerian Youth Academy emerges as a beacon of empowerment, igniting a vision for a resilient tomorrow. With a resounding commitment to empower and train 7 million youth within the next 2 years, the academy stands as a dynamic force propelling the nation's future. In this pursuit, it intertwines innovation, regional collaboration, and global perspectives, envisioning a landscape where Nigerian youth become architects of positive change. Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the Nigerian Youth Academy's strategic initiatives, designed to mold a future where empowerment knows no bounds.

    To Empower and Train 7 Million Youth Within the Next 2 Years

    Generate 5 Million jobs within the next 4 years

    Increase the Productive Capacity of Nigeria Through its Youth

    Grow the Nigerian Digital Economy