Together, We're Shaping a Brighter Future for Nigeria.


His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

"God has blessed Nigeria with a vibrant youth population, ready to learn and capable of competing in the global economy of the 21st century. We must give hope and assurance to our teeming youth population, built on a solid foundation of sustainable growth and prosperity.."-His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR


Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim

Honourable Minister For Youth DevelopmentFederal Republic of Nigeria



Welcome to The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA), a hub of inspiration, transformation, limitless possibilities, and opportunity for the future of our nation. As the Minister of State for Youth Development, I am honoured to be bringing you warm greetings. This platform is for us, by us, developed to become the place where we gain knowledge, skills, and connect with one another as we build a brighter future for all youths across the country. The struggle has been real and intense in recent years, and I understand the challenges and aspirations you have, the hurdles you face, the dreams you harbour, and the potential that lies within each of us.
Now, in a position to effect change, I have created NiYA to give millions of youths across the country access to a growing collection of Online Classes that you can take at your own pace, from any location, at any time. With our Live Classes, you will also connect with subject matter experts in real time and learn on-the-go. You will also have access to our digital community, stay up-to-date on opportunities and information to boost your career and entrepreneurship prospects. We will also partner with leading institutions of learning, corporate bodies, academia, and development organisations to build a large ecosystem for our youths.

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    At NiYA, our mantra is "One Youth, Two Skills." This underscores the idea that each young person should have access to a comprehensive set of skills, going beyond a singular focus. It aligns with the notion that a diverse skill set enhances an individual's versatility, employability, and overall ability to navigate and contribute meaningfully to various aspects of life, whether it be in education, employment, entrepreneurship, or community engagement. We are the largest group in the country, and the wind that will drive change. NiYA is our digital place where we can grow, connect, and thrive. As you embark on this transformative journey, remember that you're not alone. I stand by your side, not just as a minister but as someone who understands your journey. 

Ayodele Olawande

Honourable Minister of State For Youth Development Federal Republic of Nigeria

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1. Learning - Online & Live Classes

We bring educational contents and training directly to your devices. Our online and live classes ensure accessibility and flexibility in the learning process, fostering skill development and knowledge acquisition in a dynamic and convenient virtual environment.


2. Digital Community

NIYA is committed to building a strong community of young people who are passionate about making a difference in Nigeria. Our community building programs include: Youth clubs, Leadership & Volunteering opportunities.


3. Start-Up Support

Launching dynamic online initiatives and campaigns designed to identify, nurture, and uplift aspiring entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive start-up support includes virtual mentorship, access to funding opportunities, and networking avenues.


4. Youth Participation in Politics

More knowledge means more understanding and more participation. NiYA provides opportunities for young people to get involved in government through internships and volunteer programs.


5. Job Fair & Opportunities

Through our virtual and physical job fairs and career opportunities and programs, we connect young people with employers and organizations across multiple industries.


6. LifeTime Resource Hub

Embark on a journey of lifelong learning with our Resource Hub - offering lifetime access to a rich repository of educational materials, information and essential resources to empower Nigerian youth in their pursuits.


"To invest in the Nigerian youth is to invest in the very soul of the nation, acknowledging their capacity to innovate, lead, and redefine the future trajectory of our great country."

Mr. Ayodele Olawande



The Nigerian Youth Academy's Vision for 7 Million Strong

In the heart of Nigeria's transformative journey, the Nigerian Youth Academy emerges as a beacon of empowerment, igniting a vision for a resilient tomorrow. With a resounding commitment to empower and train 7 million youth within the next 2 years, the academy stands as a dynamic force propelling the nation's future. In this pursuit, it intertwines innovation, regional collaboration, and global perspectives, envisioning a landscape where Nigerian youth become architects of positive change. Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the Nigerian Youth Academy's strategic initiatives, designed to mold a future where empowerment knows no bounds.

    To Empower and Train 7 Million Youth Within the Next 2 Years

    Generate 5 Million jobs within the next 4 years

    Increase the Productive Capacity of Nigeria Through its Youth

    Grow the Nigerian Digital Economy



Tailored Paths for Every Journey

NiYA stands as a dynamic Youth-Focused Education and Empowerment Platform poised to impact millions of youths across Nigeria. Our commitment spans holistic skill development, fostering critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities to prepare young individuals for the complexities of the modern world. Our comprehensive targets include all youths between the ages of 18 & 35 comprising:

  • Students and Non-students

  • Graduates & Non-Graduates

  • Freelancers and Startup Founders

  • Youths waiting to get jobs

  • Employees across organizations

No discrimination - this is a platform for all Youths


How to Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Embark on your journey to empowerment in just three simple steps.


Click on Register

Click on the "Register" or "Sign Up" button located anywhere on this site. Existing members, click on Login


Follow the Prompt

Enter your details, select your desired course that caters to your specific interests and goals.


Start Learning

Start learning Immediately and earn your certificate.

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Instructor of the Month

Dr. Naomi Osemedua, recognised as NiYA Instructor of the Month, stands out for her unwavering commitment to empowering young individuals and fueling their aspirations. Her dedication serves as a beacon of inspiration for NiYA participants, and she is revered as a role model in Nigeria. Naomi is not confined to the local sphere, she extends her influence globally, emerging as a source of inspiration for women everywhere. Her advocacy for women and youth empowerment is both potent and far-reaching, encouraging them to amplify their voices and contribute meaningfully to the world. 
Beyond her impactful role with NiYA, Naomi is the visionary founder of Women With Stories International. This organisation is on a transformative mission to empower women, guiding them to embrace and articulate their unique narratives, discover their inner strength, and contribute meaningfully to others. Naomi's list of accomplishments is impressive, showcasing her remarkable dedication to the cause of empowerment and her ability to effect positive change.

    100 most Inspiring Women Nigeria, 2020
    100 most Impactful Women Nigeria, 2022
    Social Media Business Influencer of the Year, Nigeria 2022.
    Exceptional Woman Of Excellence 2019- Women Economic Forum, New Delhi
    HIVE Africa Community Support Award, 2019


  • What is NiYA

    NiYA stands for Nigerian Youth Academy, a platform empowering young Nigerians with knowledge, skills, and mentorship to unlock their potential and become future leaders.

  • Who is NiYA for?

    NiYA caters to all young Nigerians between the ages of 18-35 years, from all regions and local government areas of the country. Any youth interested in acquiring skills and belonging to the largest online digital community of Nigerian Youths. 

  • Aside from online courses, what else does NiYA offer?

    NiYA also provides live classes, online job / career fairs, membership zones, forums, startup supports, podcasts, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and lifetime access to our resource centre. 

  • What types of courses does NiYA offer?

    NiYA offers a diverse range of online courses covering various topics like business, technology, finance, life skills, personal development, and more. We have categorised them into 3 - Technical Skills to get Jobs, Soft Skills to actualise your full potentials and Others to grow your international knowledge and self-identity. 

  • Is NiYA free to join? 

    NiYA is completely FREE, thanks to our partners and sponsors. 

  • Do I receive a certificate upon completing a course?

     Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion for successfully finishing a NiYA course.


The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) is committed to providing young Nigerians with the resources they need to succeed.


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