How to Export

Before you can upload your videos, it's crucial to ensure they are exported in HD quality. Merely recording the video in HD settings isn't sufficient; you must export the video using the correct settings to maintain its HD quality.
Selecting the right export settings is vital. A common issue encountered with videos is that they appear blurry, even if they were recorded in HD. This occurs because the computer compresses the video file to reduce its size, consequently degrading its quality. Even videos recorded in HD will lose their HD quality if exported without the appropriate settings.
To ensure your videos retain their HD quality, verify that the export settings in your recording software are configured to the appropriate resolution, ideally at or above 720p HD. The 720p format boasts a resolution of 1280×720 and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

How to Upload

    Choose a Cloud Storage Platform: Select a cloud storage service that allows you to generate embed links for your videos. A common example is Vimeo.
    Sign in or Sign up: If you haven't already, sign in to your chosen cloud storage platform or create a new account.
    Create a Folder: Organize your videos by creating a new folder within your cloud storage account. This will help you keep your videos organized and easily accessible.
    Upload Your Videos: Locate the option to upload files or folders within your cloud storage account. Select the videos you want to upload from your computer and add them to the folder you created.
    Generate Embed Links: Once your videos are uploaded, find the option to generate embed links. This feature allows you to embed your videos directly into any online platforms.
    Copy Embed Links: After generating embed links, copy the provided links for each video. These links will allow you to embed your videos into your desired online location.
    Embed Videos: Paste the copied embed links into the HTML code of the platform where you want to display your videos. The videos will then be embedded and viewable by learners.